A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Dash your way out of a cursed cave in this action-puzzle game!

Dash Dash Attack is a quick puzzle game

 in which you have to find your way out of

 40  enemy-filled rooms before time runs out.


A game by:

Bernardo Gadelha, Lucas Lima and Michelle Santiago


Thanks to everyone who playtested our game! You were all incredibly helpful:

André Ruiz, Bernardo Hörner, Daniel Lucena, Daniel Oliveira, Felipe Paes Leme, Fernanda Netto, Gabriel Medeiros, Hugo Cunha, João Vitor Trindade, Leonardo Cardarelli, Matheus Correia, Matheus L. Homsi, Mark Ribeiro, Raphael Ramos, Renan Moreira, Thiago Fernandes, Vinícius Cortat


Click the button below to download and play the game!

Install instructions

After downloading the .rar folder, just run the .exe and it should do a quick install before it's ready to be played! Thank you for downloading our game, we hope you enjoy it!


Dash Dash Attack! Setup (x86) - Win.rar 22 MB
Dash - Mac.zip 31 MB


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I tried downloading the file to my Mac but when I opened it, a message popped up saying "The application “Mac” can’t be opened." I don't know if it's just my old Mac having problems but I'd really like to try your game :)

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Nice game , i just love this , if u guys put the game on the playstore for sure i would download the game on my phone.


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Thank you very much for playing our game! It makes us so happy to know you enjoyed it! We hope to have some games on the playstore in the near future, so be sure to follow our page!


I really enjoyed playing this game! I love flow driven gameplay and this one, although is short, nails it perfeclty. Great job and i hope to see more games of you guys in the future!


Thank you very much for your kind review <3 We can't wait to make some more games as well